Nearby Attractions


Nearby Attractions

Dartmouth is just a short drive (or ferry ride!) to unique attractions located in many beautiful and friendly communities.  

For accommodations in any of these communities, please visit Tourism Nova Scotia.


Dartmouth is well connected to Halifax, our sister city. 

From local shops and award-winning restaurants to museums, arts & culture, to food and music festivals and historic places, along with an outstanding waterfront, there is plenty to discover in Halifax

To reach Halifax from Dartmouth, take the Dartmouth Ferry, the Macdonald Bridge, or MacKay Bridge (one-way fare = $1). 

The MacKay Bridge is also the best way to get from Dartmouth to Peggy’s Cove and the South Shore.

For bus service to Halifax, the Macdonald Bridge is closest to Halifax’s downtown amenities.  

The Metro Transit bus terminal can be found between Thistle and Nantucket Streets, near the intersection of Wyse Road and entrance to the bridge. 



Halifax was founded in 1749, one year before the founding of Dartmouth.  

The Metro Halifax area is the largest urban centre east of Montreal.  

From local shops and award-winning restaurants to museums, arts & culture, to food and music festivals and historic places, along with an outstanding waterfront, there is plenty to discover in Halifax. 

For more information, see Discover Halifax.

Shearwater / Eastern Passage

Shearwater and Eastern passage have strong ties to aviation and the fishing industry respectively. 

Visitors from all over the world come to experience quaint shops, local seafood, and McNabs Island--an uninhabited provincial park with historic ties to Acadian and Mi’kmaq communities. 

Recommended attractions in Shearwater / Eastern Passage include:

Shearwater Aviation Museum     |     View Map

Fisherman’s Cove     |     View Map

McNabs Island     |     View Map

McCormacks Beach Provincial Park     |     View Map

Cole Harbour

Cole Harbour might be best known as the birthplace of notable musicians, athletes, and actors.  

Matt Mays (musician), John Paul Tremblay (Trailer Park Boys), Robb Wells (Trailer Park Boys), TJ Grant (UFC), Nathan McKinnon (Colorado Avalanche) and Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins) all hail from this suburban community adjacent to Dartmouth. 

Cole Harbour is just a stone’s through away from beautiful walking trails and Rainbow Haven beach.

Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum     |     View Map

Sidney Crosby Display Case, Cole Harbour Place     |     View Map

Cole Harbour Salt Marsh Trail     |     View Map

The Meeting House     |     View Map


Cherrybrook is a predominantly African Nova Scotian rural community that features small farms and notable ties to Canadian Black History. 

Come learn how Nova Scotia’s black communities created a strong influence in the province’s arts and culture scene.

Black Cultural Centre / African Nova Scotia Museum     |     View Map

Eastern Shore

Explore some of Nova Scotia’s most pristine and beautiful natural settings by taking a trip up the Eastern Shore. 

This scenic drive is sure to inspire with its picturesque coastlines, wildlife, and museums.

Acadian House Museum, West Chezzetcook     |     View Map

Hope For Wildlife, Seaforth     |     View Map

Musquodoboit Harbour Railway Museum     |     View Map

Fishermans Life Museum, Jeddore Oyster Pond     |     View Map

Memory Lane Heritage Village, Lake Charlotte     |     View Map

MacPhee House, Sheet Harbour     |     View Map

Eastern Shore Beaches

Dartmouth offers quick and easy access to some of Nova Scotia’s best ocean beaches. 

The Eastern Shore offers numerous beaches suitable for sunbathing, swimming, long walks and picnics. 

Come fly a kite, take some surfing lessons, rent a kayak, or take in some bird watching. 

Most beaches along the Eastern Shore are about an hour’s drive or less from Downtown Dartmouth. 

Rainbow Haven Beach Provincial Park, Cow Bay     |     View Map

Conrads Beach, Lawrencetown     |     View Map

Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park, Lawrencetown     |     View Map

Martinique Beach Provincial Park, Musquodoboit Harbour     |     View Map

Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park, Clam Harbour     |     View Map

Taylor Beach Provincial Park, Spry Bay     |     View Map