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Cole Harbour

A proud hometown

Cole Harbour might be best known as the birthplace of notable musicians, athletes, and actors. Matt Mays (musician), John Paul Tremblay (Trailer Park Boys), Robb Wells (Trailer Park Boys), TJ Grant (UFC), Nathan McKinnon (NHL Colorado Avalanche) and Sidney Crosby (NHL Pittsburgh Penguins) all hail from this suburban community adjacent to Dartmouth. 

Cole Harbour is just a stone’s through away from beautiful walking trails and Rainbow Haven Beach.

Sidney Crosby Display Case, Cole Harbour Place

Recommended attractions in Cole Harbour

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Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum     |     View Map

Sidney Crosby Display Case, Cole Harbour Place     |     View Map

Cole Harbour Salt Marsh Trail     |     View Map

The Meeting House     |     View Map

Rainbow Haven Beach, Cole Harbour
Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum