History of Sullivan's Pond

Dartmouth's First LakePhoto Source: Flitelab

A connection to the Canal

Sullivan’s Pond was a vital feature of the historic Shubenacadie Canal, the traditional water route of Mi’kmaq connecting the harbour at Dartmouth with Minas Basin and the Bay of Fundy.  

When the Canal operated, from 1861 to 1870, water from the Pond powered the incline railway which carried vessels along the quarter-mile route from the harbour to the Pond, the surface of which is more than 50 above mean harbour level.

Irish stone-masons built a great circular dam in the 1830s, backing up the stream running from Lake Banook to the harbour and forming the Pond we enjoy today.

Sullivan and many of his fellow workmen lived in stone and log huts forming “Irishtown”, close to what is now Saint Peter’s Church. 

The evolution of Sullivan's Pond (1792 - 1992)

(Source: Unknown TUNS student)